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Thursday, 15 August 2013

| I love Tweeting |

I absolutely love TWITTER!

So much information all at once when you're scrolling down the screen.

I realized how important technology really is a few years ago.
(Not that I didn't ever think it wasn't important, just given a better idea)
So, in college I was taking an english exam and I absolutely had no idea what Twitter was.
I read the little blurb we were supposed to create our thesis from and that was all the information I had about what this "Twitter" application is. I realized that even without having a clue I was able to figure it out, but having a physical connection with the application (creating an account and being socially involved virtually) made my understanding of social media that much more clear.

Ever since that day, I have been updating myself with what the new social mediums are so that I don't run into a situation where I have no clue or idea as to what is happening in the world.

If you want to have you computer run smoothly and efficiently you need to update it. Same with a vehicle, it's needs a tune up. One can't deny advancing technology and has to roll with the changes.

"Ignorance is bliss."

That  quote is bullsh*t to my situation at the time while taking that test a few years ago.
Everyone has to take a stance and be involved with the world's happenings for not only their own benefit, but for others to be aware as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying my thoughts.
Please comment and let me know yours!
I'm open to other ideas and concepts, though I may challenge yours if need be ;)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

| Ryerson First Year |

First year was a lot of fun and scrambling around.
I never posted much of my works, but here are some I don't mind sharing!

In a few weeks I will be onto my second year of Fashion Communication!!!
Talk about delayed updating to the extreme... [=_=']
Oh well.

Urbanears Headphones! [Ink]
Strawberry Rose Champagne Tea! [Textile]
Daywear Dress! [Front]
Daywear Dress! [Back]
Daywear Dress! [Tulip Sleeve]
Life Drawing! [Love India Ink]

| Apps Apps Apps & My Pistachio! |

To be honest, I've been on this Twitter craze.

Just been posting things I find interesting and my own daily shenanigans.
I've never made a personal video to public eye, so I'm wondering if I even want a Vines account.
Maybe I'll try it out anyways for fun!!


I am having a lot of fun with the app Snapchat!
[Sorry for the ones who got to see these particular photos]
The idea of the application is to share camera ready life moments 
and send the image/video to your friends.
You can choose the time limit of how long the receiver can see the media.
Once they receive the shared media, it disappears and is then gone forever!

It's fun and you should download it onto your phone as well!
This also doesn't work so well on phones without a camera... I am hoping that is a given.

Well, enjoy the snaps I saved before sending them off into virtual seconds of appearance!

My current roommate holding my guinea pig, Pistachio!

My camera isn't the best, whatever ^-^

Sunday, 31 March 2013

| "Why am I so BUSY??" |

I like this. 
I'm not always busy, but 
when I am I just want to be stress-free and 
when I'm not I just want to rest and be in my very own element for a bit... 
I really don't have to be busy all the time 
and I should be okay with that concept, 
but why do I feel the necessity to constantly be busy? 
When I know I have a right to not always be busy? 
This article really gives insightful words of inspiration...

... to not be "busy".

... and ...

to enjoy life as is because it really is too short to miss all the good things!